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From The Gleaner Archives July 13, 2022

150 years ago
Thursday, July 18, 1872
In the distance can be seen the winding green-banked Chateauguay River, beautiful in its summer sleep of calm placidity, but a terror to those who reside on its margin, when the spring floods swell its waters to a wild fury that sweeps everything before it. Yet this troublesome habit is almost forgotten when the waters subside and we all love its “Old roads winding as old roads will/Here to a ferry, there to a mill,” and never wonder that so much is said and sung of the glories and wonders of any “beautiful, beautiful river.”

125 years ago
July 22, 1897
HOWICK: Hay is a much better yield, now that it is ready for cutting, than was anticipated three weeks ago.

SAINT-STANISLAS: Haying here has not as yet commenced, for farmers claim that, owing to the lateness of the season, it is still growing.

PORT LEWIS: Haying has commenced and the crop far exceeds the general expectations of the farmers of a few weeks ago… Grain is in a very backward state, but an average crop is assured.

SAINT-MARTINE: … Lightning struck one steeple of the church, dropping two large cut stones through the roof from the top of the tower. One stone struck the stand of a statue near the holy table.

100 years ago
July 20, 1922
RIVERFIELD: Our Post Mistress might have had a nasty accident last week. While driving along the road the horse suddenly swerved off and upset her into the big ditch in front of the Manse and horse and buggy tumbled in on top of her. Fortunately the horse lay quietly until it was pulled out and Miss Logan was none the worse except for shaking up.

75 years ago
Wednesday, July 23, 1947
Friday morning, before 8 o’clock, the bridge over the River Outarde collapsed as a heavy piece of machinery was crossing it. That the bridge was at fault no one can deny, for as you can now easily view the steel run-beams that rested upon the abutments, it will be noted that they have rusted right through.

50 years ago
July 19, 1972
Ormstown’s swimming pool had its official opening Sunday afternoon with a parade through the streets of Ormstown and ribbon-cutting ceremonies at poolside. The parade was led by the Ormstown Rhythmettes and the Ormstown Band. Dignitaries followed in convertibles.

There’s lots to do in the Chateauguay Valley in summertime. One can indulge in those violent sports like baseball, golf, tennis, or boating, or more peaceful pursuits, like fishing. Sitting on the Walker Bridge and contemplating the future while dangling a line is a pleasant way of spending a summer afternoon.

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