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From the Gleaner Archives September 7, 2022

150 years ago
Thursday, September 12, 1872
MISCELLANEOUS: The belt of land around the globe, 500 miles north and 500 miles south of the equator, abounds in trees producing the gum of Indian Rubber. They can be tapped, it is stated, for twenty successive seasons without injury, and the trees stand so close that one man can gather the sap of eighty in a day, each tree yielding on average three tablespoonfuls daily.

125 years ago
September 9, 1897
HOWICK: The manse at English River is expected to be ready for occupation by the end of October… Alex. Logan is erecting a substantial dwelling-house near his large wheelwright shop. … Joseph Lefebvre is increasing his buildings for storing lumber. … Thomas Gebbie is importing several carloads of unfinished lumber and is busy planing and moulding to supply the demand.

100 years ago
Thursday, September 14, 1922
HAVELOCK FAIR: The biggest display in the livestock department was to be found amongst the swine, where all the pens were filled, and some animals had to be left on the wagons. … The sheep also filled their building, and a great many had to be kept in the vehicles. … BREAD is always a feature at Havelock and this year, with many special prizes being offered in the shape of barrels of flour, the ladies had plenty of inducements to enter their masterpieces.

75 years ago
Wednesday, September 10, 1947
THE EDITOR HAS PROBLEMS: Editors are always short of space. They have to be drastic about cutting down some things, though sponsors of writers of the mutilated articles may cry to high heaven against the sacrilege. As Philip Gibb made one of his characters say in Street of Adventure: “If there was an earthquake at Tooting Bec, and if all the animals at the zoo broke loose and dined off the population round Regent’s Park, you can’t get more than 56 columns in an eight-page paper. That’s simple arithmetic.”

50 years ago
Wednesday, September 13, 1972
HAVELOCK FAIR entered its second century with another successful show Saturday. All day long the fairgrounds were like a multi-ring circus. Ayrshires, Holsteins, and Jerseys were judged in the cattle ring. At the same time the light horse events were run off in an adjoining area, and simultaneously the pony classes in another ring next door… Hundreds of youngsters made like the Olympics in a field in the centre of the fairgrounds while the bingo barker shouted his winning numbers in another section… Probably the highlight of the whole day was the farm-style home-cooked dinner… Very shortly a long line of hungry fairgoers snaked across the fairgrounds… To help pass the time, fiddle and guitar players performed on a nearby platform, taking turns at entertaining the waiting throngs. From time to time a tap dancer joined in, and more than once the line broke up temporarily into an impromptu square dance.

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