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Parc Safari remembers Cléo the cheetah

Image of cheetah and 4 cubs
PHOTO Facebook Parc Safari

The Parc Safari team announced the passing of
Cléo the cheetah in mid-September. Originally from the Toronto Zoo, she was part of an international project for the reproduction and conservation of the species. She had six cubs with Pendo, a resident male at Parc Safari. Two of her cubs, Kumbe and Jabari, were released into the Imire Game Reserve in Zimbabwe last year. In a note posted by Parc Safari to their social media, Cléo was described as a calm cheetah, with a strong personality, who was an excellent mother to her cubs as well as her nieces and nephews. At 11 years old, she had been undergoing treatment for diabetes for some time. Despite adjustments to her treatment, her condition deteriorated, and the veterinary team was sadly left with no choice other than to proceed with a compassionate euthanasia.

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