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Condos rising at Hemmingford Golf Club

After its first season under new management, the Hemmingford Golf Club is continuing full speed ahead with development projects. General manager Denis Menegazzo had spoken of wanting to build housing on the property, and that plan is currently in action.

Beginning in February 2021, five buildings containing four condo units each were erected at the front of the property. It didn’t take long before they garnered interest, and all 20 units sold in under two months – before the walls were even up.

When asked about the community reception of the project Menegazzo says, “There were people against the new development, but in general the response was favourable. A lot of the people who bought here are residents of Hemmingford, older people who wanted [to downsize], so this is convenient. We’ve gotten a lot of support from that side.”

He mentions golfers’ concerns that the development, which is being built on the edge of the driving range, would render the range unusable. However, the driving range has stayed open during construction and has remained a practical size for golfers.

The biggest hurdle in the condo construction has been the timeline. Originally meant to be move-in ready in June, construction is still underway with many units being months away from completion.

The pandemic is central to these delays. Quebec is currently experiencing a cement shortage, which is exacerbated by the booming construction industry. And while there may not be shortages of materials like wood or drywall, the prices of these commodities reached an all-time high this spring.


Four-unit condominium buildings are being constructed at Hemmingford Golf Course as part of an ongoing development project.PHOTO Rachel Patenaude


Some new residents have already begun to move in even as the construction around them continues. Menegazzo mentions that they prioritized residents who had already sold their houses believing their new condo would be ready for the summer. “It’s coming along,” he says. “We have 4 units being lived in right now; they were priority.”

The initial plan included the construction of six more buildings on the property (totalling 24 more condos) in the fall of this year, but with the delays and shortages it has been adapted. There is a wait list.

“If everything had gone according to plan, by June these were going to be built. We were going to wait to start [the new condos] in the fall, but now everything’s been so delayed, so I don’t think we’ll be starting until next year,” says Menegazzo.

Despite setbacks, the owners still have big plans for the future of the club including small houses, a hotel, a gym, tennis courts, and a pool. “We want it to be like a resort, even a live-in resort. It’s all in the works,” says Menegazzo.

In the meantime, both club restaurants – the Bistro and the Lucky Seven Steakhouse – are open and doing very well, and Menegazzo mentions that it’s been a great golf season for the club so far. It is to be hoped the season continues this way, and that new residents are all comfortably in their new homes by the fall.

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