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Q&A with Emmanuelle Perras, Québec Solidaire

Emmanuelle Perras

A master electrician in the public service for 15 years and mother of three children, Emmanuelle Perras has been involved in her community for many years. She has sat on the school board of their elementary school, created the Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle Citizens Together site, and has been a volunteer in her municipality, notably at the library. For the past five years, Emmanuelle has been the official head of the QS Huntingdon coordinating committee. She is known for her ability to listen and her unwavering commitment to a more just future consistent with global scientific findings. She wishes to represent the population of Huntingdon in the necessary transition that awaits us.


What would you do to improve or guarantee the availability of proximity healthcare services for rural communities?

Québec solidaire is committed to reducing regional inequalities in the delivery of public services, which means restoring the regional vocation of the Barrie-Memorial Hospital and the services of the CLSCs, which would be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In Québec solidaire’s plan, the CLSCs would once again become the point of entry for the population to access diversified care in close proximity. They would bring together many professionals in order to reduce treatment delays. Québec solidaire also intends to integrate community-based services by providing mission-based funding, a type of funding that has dwindled in government programs in recent years. In Québec solidaire’s vision, community action organizations play a role in structuring communities.


How would you help farmers and farming communities contribute to the fight against climate change?

Québec solidaire is committed to convening the agricultural community at a major national climate meeting to involve producers in the environmental shift. QS intends to create a public network of independent agronomists to meet the needs of farms while respecting their autonomy. To reduce travel, a public network of regional slaughterhouses would be set up, while supporting the development of regional bio-food processing centers. Similarly, QS is committed to financially supporting farmers in reducing their energy consumption and protecting drinking water and natural environments. Furthermore, we want to improve the social safety net for farmers by reforming the support, financing, and income stabilization programs for farmers so that they take into account socio-economic factors and climatic risks, in addition to offering better psychosocial support by hiring more row workers.


What would you do to ensure the constitutional rights of ethnic and linguistic minority populations?

Québec solidaire intends to pursue its commitment to fight discrimination in all its forms (Indigenous, visible minorities, linguistic, sexual, gender and physical diversity, disability). In its electoral platform, QS plans to have a law on universal accessibility adopted by the National Assembly. We want to promote the representation of people, to support local and regional resources dedicated not only to the defense and promotion of equality for all people but also to actively facilitate the inclusion and integration of people in our communities. Québec solidaire wants to increase the application and strengthening of programs for immigrants. It proposes to create a fast track to permanent immigration status for immigrant workers who want it, who live here and who want to settle down for good. “Let’s clear the air” means that we are campaigning to unite people of all languages in what concerns us all.

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